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about me

As a student artist living and working in the Bay Area, I'm happy to take commissions and work with new clients and fellow creatives. I do portraits, landscapes, and anything you can think of!


Winner of the 2022 Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival Scholarship, and 2023 Bay Area Creative Foundation Special Awardee in Visual Art. 

commission + sales information

I take both portrait and landscape commissions, at a rate of $20 per hour worked on the piece, plus the cost of materials.

I will also design tattoos, logos, and have experience with lettering and caligraphy. Please, don't hesitate to contact me for more information regarding commissions:

I also sell prints, cards, and original pieces! Find me on etsy: @glassblownlamp.


Around Marin, my cards and prints are available at The Depot Cafe and Bookstore.

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